Pros and Cons of windows replacement in winter


When the winter is over; enjoying the warmth of the spring we all completely forget that next winter is not far off. When the weather is warm, problems with the Atlanta replacement window fade into the background. And with the onset of autumn, the end of the holiday period, noting the rapid decrease in the average daily temperature begins rampant the company to replace the windows. During this period the companies engaged in manufacturing and replacing of windows are loaded to the maximum. Of course, a queue formed. And the companies, given the huge number of applicants raise the prices.

Professionals of the Atlanta replacement window, working in the field of the window market tell with responsibility that the replacement window can be performed at any time of year, including winter. Moreover, installation of plastic windows in the winter allows you to immediately identify any deficiencies in the design, so for such work during the cold season are taken only those companies that believe in the perfect quality of their products.

A lot of potential customers are confident in the fact that the cold weather – is not the best time for the Atlanta replacement window. This article is specifically designed for the skeptics; here you will be able to find the recommended temperatures for the replacement and some other nuances of the Atlanta replacement window.

Will the room temperature fall down too much?

Talk about the fact that the removal and installation of windows in the winter can largely cools the dwelling is not entirely justified – in the room where performed the replacement of the window, the temperature change is insignificant, it may be a few degrees. Window opening during the work remains open for twenty minutes, this time is usually sufficient for professionals for removing and installing a new frame. In addition, even if the Atlanta replacement window will performed in the whole apartment, work is carried out alternately in different rooms.

Advantages of Atlanta replacement window in winter

The first major advantage of the winter window installation is the ability to note all the defects that may have been committed. In the summer you can hardly detect the presence of small cracks or drafts. Interestingly, the majority of employees of construction firms is replacing the windows at home or at their relatives is in winter.

And now for some important nuances. At what temperature you can perform the installation of plastic windows? Experts believe that it should not be below 15 degrees. The reason is the usage of sealants which have properties which change their characteristics at the temperatures below. Completed in the winter time works can determine the tightness of seams and a perfect seal of valves.

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