Preparing Your Yard for Fall and Winter


As the warm season draws to a close, it’s time to think about getting the yard ready for the approaching cold season. In Lafayette, IN, putting the yard and garden to bed for the winter involves a few tasks that are important for ensuring that plants are covered and during the damaging winter months. By following the subsequent tips, you can get the landscape ready for the approaching cold weather while enhancing the look of your property.

Mulch Leaves

If there are shade trees on the property, it’s a good idea to mulch the fallen autumn leaves to use as covering for perennials that might require extra protection over the winter, like roses or lavender. An easy way to mulch leaves is to blow them off the flower beds and line them in straight piles that can then be mowed. The remaining “mulch” is perfect for spreading back on the flower beds where it can protect the soil and easily break down into compost to nourish the soil.

Cut Back Perennials

After the first frost, it’s a good idea to cut down the dried stems of the perennials. In fact, unless they add attractive winter interest to the garden, they can be cut all the way down to the soil. This will reveal all the harmful pest eggs and larvae that can harbor within them throughout the winter, which can then be removed.

Inspect Tree and Shrub Limbs

Inspect the trees and shrubs on the property and remove any damaged limbs that could become hazards during a winter storm. Heavy snows or ice could cause tree limbs to fall against the home or overhead wires.

Store Stakes, Bird Baths, and Garden Props

It’s important to remove all the garden decor and place them into storage for the winter. The freezing temperatures and subsequent thaws could wreak havoc with props like bird baths. These items can be returned to the landscape and garden when spring arrives. It’s a good idea to store the garden hose as well.

Dig Up Non-Hardy Bulbs

Before the frost, it’s important to dig up the non-hardy bulbs to store for the winter. Gardening experts suggest gently removing the soil from them and placing them in a paper bag. Store this bag in a cool, dry place. These tasks could possibly be accomplished over a weekend once the weather begins to cool.

By readying the garden and yard for the winter, you can safeguard the landscape for seasons to come.